About us

The idea of Via l’Inverno started back in 2005 when we, Inger and Jyrki Talvitie, a Danish / Finnish couple, were discussing on a cold winter night in Moscow what we would like to do for the rest of our lives after living and working for several years in Moscow.

We decided to look for our forever home in Italy where we had enjoyed many happy summer holidays. The search concentrated on Tuscany and the dream started to take shape in 2008 when the Talvitie flag was planted at Poggio a Rofani next to the picturesque village of Radda in Chianti – here we decided to pursue our passion of the Italian lifestyle – La Dolce Vita – and Tuscan wine – which soon expanded to include not only consumption but also production.

After running another winery in Tuscany for 2 years and growing up on a dairy farm in Denmark, Inger is in charge of wine making, taking an active hand in the vineyards throughout the year as well as performing all the work in the cellar.

Jyrki, after collecting and tasting wines for all his adult life, but with no practical skills whatsoever, is in charge of marketing and sales and plays an active part in the blending of the wines and final decisions regarding branding and quality control.

Via l’Inverno, the name of the wines stems from our last name in Italian, which translates into Winter Road or Away with the Winter. The decision was to focus on the latter and the labels are designed around the theme of winter giving way to spring witnessed by the arrival of the swallows, of which there are several families returning to Poggio a Rofani every spring.

The philosophy behind the wine is – Life is too short to drink bad wine! It is made in the heart of Chianti but labelled IGT (Indicazione Geografico Tipico) to allow maximum flexibility in pursuing perfection. The aim is to go for quality rather than quantity, which translates to careful selection of only the best grapes. The wines are purely from the Sangiovese grape, beautifully expressing the terroir of the rolling Tuscan hills. The wine is produced organically without any pesticides.